Useful informaton

The Studio is fully equipped and all necessary props and equipment are supplied. If you prefer working on your own mat, by all means bring it with you.

Please wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement, eg shorts or tights and T-shirt. Baggy pants are not recommended as, for teaching purposes, feet and legs should be visible.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class time.

Please let the teacher know if you are pregnant or menstruating as your class may need to be modified.

Eat moderately before a class. Allow adequate time (at least 1-2 hours) for your meal to digest — nothing worse than doing Yoga on a full stomach!

Please inform the teacher before a class of any health issues or injuries. Prior to your first class it is important to take the time to inform Lee of any long-term health problems and of any medication you are taking that may be relevent to your participation.

Iyengar Yoga moves progressively and systematically through a syllabus of Asanas. Experiential understanding is built and developed from one class to the next. Consequently, regular attendence is highly recommended and actively encouraged.

Missed course classes may be made up at any other class within the term.

Please contact Lee before attending first class.